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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016


METCON 9/27/16

Metcon: Time-Rx3+
For time

Run-600-400-200-100 m
Sit Ups-60-40-20-10 reps
TTB-30-20-10-5 reps

GOAL: Sub 20 CAP at 23 mins

Rx+: Medball Run 20#/14#, Sub KTE
Rx: As written
Rx2: Sub KTC

Chosen as WOD: Tue,Sep 27,2016
1st19:05 2brenda Today!
2nd19:07 2Heidi P Today!
3rd20:58 2Cassidy Today!
1st19:08 +Spencer C Today!
2nd13:27 Charles Today!
3rd18:58 Jonathan W Today!

Jonathan W18:58 Rx
Charles13:27 Rx
Seth B12:20  With the 6am crew, but rowed
Josee16:59 Rx3 TTB ON GROUND
Spencer D18:35 Rx2 went KNC half through
Spencer C19:08 Rx+
Cassidy20:58 Rx2 Sub KTC for laying TTB
Carolyn19:46  Run, half TTB/KTC, flutter kicksx3
Cherise22:21 Rx2
Heidi P19:07 Rx2
Leka22:20 Rx2 first half Rx
brenda19:05 Rx2 KTC
Katheryn19:48 Rx3 flutterkicks for ktc, stupid hamstring
Results Posted: 13

Seth B 9:40pm

Seth B 9:39pm